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Great Minds on Learning

Apr 24, 2023

The Internet and the World Wide Web have revolutionised the way knowledge is produced, mediated and consumed. This episode focuses on a group of entrepreneurs who have given us the online tools and platforms that now dominate global learning. Some of them also happen to be world-leading tech brands: Google, YouTube ... and the new kid on the block, OpenAI. The episode was recorded in front of a live audience at the Next Learning Conference in the Netherlands.
  • 01:24 Introduction to Internet as Knowledge
  • 07:06 Larry Page (1973–) & Sergey Brin (1973–)
  • 15:16 Chad Hurley (1977–) & Steven Chen (1978–)
  • 25:37 Jimmy Wales (1966–)
  • 33:01 Sal Khan (1976–)
  • 38:45 Luis von Ahn (1978–)
  • 45:28 Sam Altman (1985–)
  • 55:54 Summing Up

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Many thanks to Sam van der Schans, Toon Brouwers and all at Next Learning Conference for their help with the audio recording. Also to Callum Clark for video assistance.