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Great Minds on Learning

Oct 24, 2022

GMoL is on a mid-season break, but in this bonus episode without Donald Clark, John discusses the series so far with Carl Chrisostomo. Under his social media alias of Carllearns, Carl has been 'learning out loud' on his journey of discovery in learning science. He reflects on the part GMoL has played as guide and wayfinder in that journey. In a sense, it's a learner takeover: both Carl and John talk about how the series has changed their understanding of learning: two minds perhaps less touched by greatness, but both animated by a deepening and widening appreciation of the ways in which we learn, and the rich literature that engages and rewards curiosity about this fascinating subject.
  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:15 Carl's learning journey
  • 08:18 Carl's first GMoL episode
  • 13:48 Which episodes resonated with Carl?
  • 18:42 How GMOL has changed Carl's view on learning
  • 21:04 What should GMoL cover in the future?
  • 23:17 Where to follow Carl
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