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Great Minds on Learning

Nov 7, 2022

All humans play games of one type and another. Philosophers and psychologists have seen play as an integral to our nature as human animals. Harnessing the power of this instinctual drive for the purposes of learning has been a perennial theme over the last three decades, givven greater impetus by the dramatic rise of computer games as a new and dynamic form of media. But can game-based experiences, and gamified interfaces, risk destroying learning as much as they support it? This episode looks at the work of theorists who have tangled with this question, illuminating the complex interaction of play, motivation and learning, and the future possibilities opened up by the metaverse.
  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 1:20 - Introducing Gamification
  • 9:36 - Johan Huizinga (1872 – 1945)
  • 17:45 - James Paul Gee (1948 –)
  • 25:46 - Marc Prensky (1946 – )
  • 34:05 - Richard M. Ryan and Scott Rigby
  • 48:52 - Summing Up